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How To Build Muscle

If you want to know how to build muscle, you must follow the tried and tested advice of lifting lighter weights with more repetitions and then slowly moving on to heavier weights but trying to focus more on the number of repetitions.

All weight training works on the principle that after exercising with weights, the muscles are pushed beyond their resistance ability and this leads to wear of the muscle. After this, the re-development of the muscles makes them stronger. One important aspect of weight training is a proper diet. The body needs greater amount of certain nutrients in order to develop the extra mass. Without exercising, if one eats too much, one develops fat but if one exercises and then eats as required, one develops stronger and more heightened muscles.

Lifting heavier weights results in a blood rush or a muscle pump. A muscle pump is the condition when blood is trapped inside the muscle tissues due to resistance training with weights. The muscles become engorged with blood and become swollen. This results in the temporary appearance of muscles which have suddenly boosted up in size and appear firmer, stronger and harder.

Muscle pumps however are not a true indicator of muscle growth and whether one's exercise routine is going according to plan. Those who have just started off on an exercise routine are likely to be deceived by muscle pumps into thinking that it is an immediate positive outcome of the exercises done. However, that is not the case. After a few hours, the muscles return to their original state. The results of a regular exercise plan only show after a few weeks and not simply after one session or one set of exercises. The muscles are larger, firmer and harder even when they are relaxed when there has truly been some muscle development.

The sudden increase in muscle size in muscle pumps is due to extra blood in the muscle tissues. One can easily get a muscle pump by doing a set of exercises with either a heavy weight or a light weight and greater number of repetitions. Muscle pumps do not reflect muscle growth.

To effectively build up muscles, one has to exercise regularly over a significant period of time, a few months at least. One can only realise that one's muscles are growing by comparing the size of the muscles and one's ability to lift greater weights and compare them with such data from a month back. If one's muscles are truly developing, then one can lift heavier weights with less difficulty and can also see that the muscles are bigger even in a relaxed state.

If one wants to know how to build muscle, this is the basic way. A proper diet and a regular exercise routine are important. For more information regarding both, one should consult a nutritionist and one's gym trainer.


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