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An Introduction To Female Bodybuilding

The perfect female form is hard to achieve for most women, however, there are a select few who have taken the form to the next level. Women who are led by the dream of a muscular, well-toned, curvaceous body have entered the previously male exclusive domain of professional bodybuilding.

The ethos of this sport essentially lays emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of the female form. Then again, we should not forget the by-product of a clean and disciplined diet coupled with a fanatical devotion to physical fitness - improved health and increased body strength.

So what are the differences between male and female bodybuilders - Well, not much really because both the sexes have the same number of muscles to worry about. The real difference lies in the body chemistry of men and women. Testosterone, the male hormone, is a real concoction for bodybuilding as it concentrates on building muscle. On the other hand, women are buoyed down by estrogen which focuses on fat storage. However, one shouldn't be disheartened by evolution's design, instead we should take inspiration from the dedicated women in the sport who work hard each day in the gym to convert every ounce of unnecessary fat into pure muscle. Also remember that bodybuilding females don't necessarily gain weight more readily than their male counterparts.

Another myth surrounding female bodybuilding says that any break in the scheduled workout routine will convert muscle into fat. This is absolutely untrue as they are like chalk and cheese, i.e. separate types of tissue, meaning that fat cannot replace muscle fibre. This weight gaining phenomenon is actually related to the body's metabolism. We must understand that fat is actually a form of stored or unused fuel. Fat formation begins when we eat more food than necessary, especially when we wind down or stop our fitness training routines. Hence, we must try to maintain the balance between intake and exercise.

The dietary requirements for bodybuilding females are linked to their inherent metabolic makeup. When compared to males, fat consumption in females is diminished as well as the ability to build muscular tissue. Testosterone, once again, acts like a trump card by building larger and more impressive muscles. This is why many female bodybuilders have turned towards steroids loaded with synthetic testosterone to complement their efforts in the gym. Low fat and low cholesterol foods like milk and yogurt are perfect dietary alternatives for bodybuilding females.

For any kind of bodybuilding program there must be a healthy mix of a variety of training techniques. Running, skipping and aerobics are forms of cardiovascular fitness training that boosts your heart rate while obliterating fat deposits to increase muscle definition. If we couple this with a well planned resistance training routine, the results will soon be apparent in the mirror. It is always a good idea to introduce some flexibility exercises such as yoga or pilates to reduce the risk of injury. Now that you are armed with all the basic information, you can work towards your structural and muscular ideal.


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