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Bodybuilding For Teenagers - Things To Keep In Mind!

Every teenager at some point will get interested in body building either through a personal interest or through peer influence. Working on your body is of course a good thing and the last year of teenage is probably the best time to begin. However, bodybuilding for teenagers needs better planning than adult body building because the human body is in a state of flux and a certain amount of care needs to be taken by teenagers.

Bodybuilding for teenagers is good for more than just the body because at this early stage they lean what to eat and how to eat to stay in shape. A good proportion of teenagers continue their childhood habits of eating any junk that is advertised on television but bodybuilding requires a change in that mindset and teenagers have to be more careful. There are so many teenagers that are already overweight by the time they enter their teens and they are likely to continue their problems without proper direction.

Bodybuilding for teenagers is also good because after puberty the body is not always left in the most desirable shape and working out can certainly help achieve a more defined look. Once teenagers begin seeing the development in the mirror it gives them more confidence to work even harder. It is at this point that a bit of caution is required.

Firstly, get yourself thoroughly examined by a doctor before you go in for heavy bodybuilding. This may sound a bit odd but it is necessary. Second, you must make sure that you have proper training on the techniques of lifting weights or you can cause an injury that will last a lifetime. The most crucial aspect of bodybuilding for teenagers is to know when to stop. The human body cannot go on taking stress endlessly. Teenage muscles will often suffer from growing pains that may not be related to exercising but it is important to know the difference. When your body says it has had enough you must stop to prevent muscle injury.

There will be a drastic change in eating habits and routine if you really wish for a good looking body. Not only will you be required to give up all junk food but you will include more fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in protein. You also cannot drink any cola or other beverages but have to thrive on water and juice. Bodybuilders eat around 6-8 meals per day in order to keep their metabolism fast. Though this eating frequency will not be a problem for teenagers what you need to remember is that you must eat very small quantities of food. These are not regular meals but rather micro-meals.

Supplements are another area where you must be careful. As teenagers your body does not really need supplements as long as the diet is good. However, if you feel compelled to take them then first consult your doctor. The best starting point for supplements are multi-vitamins, whey protein powder, and glutamine.


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