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Female Bodybuilders Workout

Female Bodybuilders And Female Bodybuilding Is Getting More And More Popular. An increasing number of women are going for intense work outs today on order to sculpt their body in to the right shape. The added advantage is of course increased stamina, strength and other health benefits. Work outs help in toning as well as building up muscles. These healthy muscles add to the health gains of exercising.

Testosterone and Estrogen

Muscles in the body of men and women are equal in number. Therefore body building is essentially the same - increasing muscular activity so that they become stronger. However there is one essential difference at the endocrinal level. The hormones produced by the endocrine system of men and women are different. Men's bodies produce a hormone called testosterone which helps in building up muscles. Therefore, men are able to quickly build up their bodies by sculpting their muscles.

Estrogen - the hormone produced in a woman's body - is on the other hand a hormone which stores fat and consequently makes body sculpting a more difficult task for women. However, by no means is it more likely that women gain more weight than men if they adequately exercise and burn calories.

Myths and Misconceptions

Some women labor under the false belief that when they stop working out the muscles in their bodies will become converted to fat. This is a completely baseless unscientific misconception. Lipid tissues and muscle tissue are completely different in structure and composition and consequently are not interchangeable. Fat deposits are cause only when fewer calories are burnt. The excess calories get stored in the body as fat. This does not only affect just the body builders or people used to a greater amount of exercise but all people. Advantages of Boy Building for Women:

* Perfectly sculpted, desired shape of the body

* Well toned muscles

* Increased strength and stamina

* Healthy body - better muscle functioning, as well as better digestion, lesser chances of heart disease, cholesterol or diabetes

* Increased fitness levels

Body building is usually associated with men. This is because their higher testosterone levels enable them to build their muscles faster. However, in spite of the presence of the fat storing hormone estrogen in the female body, if body building is taken up seriously by women, they can easily achieve the goal of a perfectly shaped body. A great example will be the sports women. From Maria Sharapova to Marian Jones - the sports women all have perfectly sculpted bodies thanks to long hours of exercising. So do not let any misconceptions cloud your vision of a perfect body. If you are a woman the best gift you can give yourself are regular trips to the gym in order the get into the desired shape.


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