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Female Bodybuilding - Do You Want To Be A Female Bodybuilder?

Do you want to be one of the bodybuilding females? Are you still on the horns of a dilemma as to whether to be a size zero or to have a well toned body? Size zero implies a really really skinny body, while a well toned body means you get to be the glam doll that you always had in yourself. The choice to be made for all future bodybuilding females is rather obvious! Bodybuilding females generally have immaculate health, good body symmetry and are satisfied.

The number of bodybuilding females has grown over the past few years. Today, women understand what can and cannot be achieved by bodybuilding, more than ever before. The lack of testosterone and high levels of oestrogen in a female body gave rise to the thought that women would not be able to build muscle. It is true that muscle build up is easier for men than for women, but women too can build up muscle without resorting to drastic techniques or to injected tesosterone.The process of muscle building is same for bodybuilding females and bodybuilding males.

Quite a few heads will turn when you have a body that oozes oomph, but bodybuilding females reap many more great benefits. An increase in body muscle mass implies an increase in strength.It also minimizes the effects of ageing because it reduces muscular atrophy greatly, and it especially for those more than forty years of age. The building up of a lot of big (and shapely!) muscles increases the body's metabolic rate vastly, and that is the most apparent and biggest benefit. This means, bodybuilding females can treat themselves to tasty treats while their size zero friends are stuck to a bland , low calorie veggie diet.

Two myths should be addressed to at this point. The first is that when one stops building muscle, then existing recently built muscle tissue will turn to fat instantaneously. It is untrue simply because muscle cannot turn into fat. When one stops exercising,the body tries to get to an optimum state; that is, lean and mean. To do so, the body simply uses that well built muscle as an energy source. If however, one continues to eat like the time when one actually exercised, in the future, then one obviously would become fat.

The second is that men and women are treated differently when it comes to muscle building methods. In fact, the process is the same. It involves lifting the heaviest weight one can.for at least 5 to 7 repetitions. Then, this needs to be increased further each week. And voila! You'll so be one of the bodybuilding females yourself!


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