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Muscle Building For Women

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Muscle Building Facts For Women - Things You Need To Know!

Muscle building for women is often misunderstood, especially by women, because they are afraid that going in for muscle training will somehow rob them of their feminine figure and make them look like the women that compete in body building competitions. Most women are eager to tone up their bodies but they are very concerned about getting too much muscle weight. This particular misconception is all too prevalent among women even though it is completely without merit. The truth is that muscle building for women is not at all what women often think it to be.

The women that are seen in female bodybuilding are actually genetic exceptions because only 5% of all women have the capacity to grow those sorts of muscles. Besides having an abnormal body, from a feminine perspective, they also use many supplements and other pharmaceutical aids to help them achieve the bodybuilder look. This means that the rest of the 95% of women can work out without worry about building too much muscle.

Muscle building for women is important because it helps burn fat and tone the body by developing more lean body mass. The thing to remember is that you will not achieve toning by lifting light weights and doing more reps, as is believed, but you have to take the male bodybuilder route. You must lift compound weights with lesser reps. Lifting light weights does not put the sort of strain on your muscles that goes to build lean body mass and tone up your body. There are many walks of life that require heavy weight lifting but the target is not muscle building but rather muscle strengthening. The compound exercises that can help muscle building for women include squats and dead lifts.

Now you are probably thinking that these are low-body exercises. However, that is nothing but another misconception. Squatting and dead lift exercises involve the entire body even though you may not realize it. Lower body exercises always involve the whole body because the body needs to be stabilized when you are lowering down to lift weight.

The most crucial goal for women is to decide on their final objective. Unlike males that directly target bulking and getting cut the choice for women is a bit more complicated. For example do you wish to lose weight, improve muscle tone, get stronger, or lose weight. Note that there is a big difference between losing weight and losing fat. Also note that if you go in for improving muscle tone then you may temporarily experience a weight gain as the muscle content of your body increases. Muscle is heavier than fat but healthier to have. Lean body mass is the weight of your muscles. The more lean body mass you have the lower is amount of body fat.

Your workout should not include more than 45 minutes of weight training. Anything beyond that is overkill and will not benefit you. Also try and do the cardio exercises after the weight training is over because your body is in the highest gear to burn fat immediately after a weight training session. Doing cardio after weight training will melt the fat faster.


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