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Tips For The Best Muscle Building Workout

Muscle building workouts are not as easy as it may seem because it is not always possible to determine whether all the muscle fibers are used and exhausted during a workout to ensure new growth. This is why bodybuilders are always lifting more and more weights in a different combination of exercises. For a regular person it is enough to stick to the same routine and increase the weight minimally over a large period of time but for bodybuilders that is not possible.

A bodybuilder needs heavy muscle building workouts because the goal is not to maintain the muscles as they are but to increase muscle mass and definition. This is why they are constantly upgrading weights and exercise routines and also why their exercise programs are more challenging and exhausting. Persistence in this effort is also required to make sure that there is no muscle regression or shrinkage.

Given below are some ways in which you too can make use of muscle building workouts. These are tried and tested methods that are used by professional bodybuilders.

A steady increase in the amount of weight lifted ensures that the muscle is pushed to the next higher limit that it can endure. This small pushing steadily increases muscle resistance to fatigue and keeps you working longer with higher weight. Weight must be increased only to the point where you can take 6-8 reps without assistance or failure.

Regularly change the type of exercise for a given muscle group to avoid muscle adaptation. This can be as simple as changing the bench press from flat to incline.

Gradually decrease the amount of time between sets to give the muscles less and less chance to recover. This is especially true if you take protein or cell building supplements before workout. Less recovery time means higher intensity and better overall recovery post-workout.

When you are doing an exercise that involves two muscle groups the weaker of the two will prevent you from going to the max. This means the stronger muscle will never be fully utilized because of its weaker companion. This requires you to change the exercise so that the stronger muscle is worked independently and the moving to another exercise for the weaker muscle in the group.

Once a week or so in your workout you must alternate between two exercises for the same muscle group without any rest period. This will make sure that the entire muscle group is used completely.

It can happen during muscle building workouts that you are unable to go through the full movement required for a given exercise. When this happens you can do partial-reps, that is, reps to the point of failure and back to base position. You may not realize it but your muscles are still being utilized. This technique is often used by advanced bodybuilders to avoid over-training.

Try and hold the weight at the point of failure to simulate a static contraction. You can also try forced reps after partial-reps with some help.

These are some of the techniques used in muscle building workouts.

Use isometric contractions - this involves holding the weight still at the point of failure to stimulate a static contraction in the muscle.

Employ forced reps - this involves completing one or more final reps after the point of failure has been reached. You will need the assistance of an experienced helper to attempt this.

Once you have added these techniques to your training regimen you'll know you've done your best to maximize muscle growth.


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